Towards the production of Dialogues On The Market Of Bronze and Other Precious Materials
Goodbye…etc, A Performance

Goodbye…etc / Element for the support of new structures



handbound book
108 pages

Element for the support of new structures


13cm x 13cm x 13cm

Theo Prodromidis’s works titled Goodbye...etc, 2013 and Element For The Support Of New Structures, 2014 formulate a critique of the political sign and deal with a number of issues: formal, social and historical. The artist collaborated with Aggeliki Papoulia, actress and founding member of blitz theatre group, and together produced 524 new sentences, by using the method of Tristan Tzara on a collection of 524 books. The books were given to the artists as a response to their call for printed material that is relevant in formulating the discourse of the Left. One of the outcomes of this process is the publication of a handbound book limited to an edition of 16, after a 16-hour long performance that lasted two days.
* The performance took place on the 13th and the 14th of June 2011, at Kunsthalle Athena, as part of the exhibition-performance Farewell, curated by Marina Fokidis and Themis Bazaka for the Athens & Epidaurus Festival 2011.
* The work performed on those two days comprised of 7 actors, 524 books and magazines, 1 overhead projector, 1 slide projector, 1 video projector, 1 laptop, 1 printer and sound.

Ileana Tounta, Dimitrios Antonitsis, Katerina Nikou
curators of PRE-TEXT, leana Tounta
Contemporary Art Center, Athens, Greece
text for the exhibition catalogue