Towards the Bank of the Future
Goodbye…etc / Element for the support of new structures

Towards the production of Dialogues On The Market Of Bronze and Other Precious Materials


4 screen synchronised HD video installation
5.1 surround sound
duration 16’
copper, metal, wood
500cm x 250cm x 330cm

The video installation “Towards the production of Dialogues On The Market Of Bronze and Other Precious Materials” has as a starting point of reference Bertolt Brecht’s The Messingkauf Dialogues, a theoretical work in a dialectical form that dates back to 1939 and was written in four different versions in a period of four years but remained incomplete. The work situates a reinterpreted version of Brecht’s work, connected to the socio-economic circumstances regarding contemporary society and the implications that these may cause, in the structures of a monetary policy, and its reverberations in the cultural sphere.
Based on Brecht’s four nights’ structure the artist aims to provoke correlations regarding two structures, the structure of politics and the structure of finance using their architectural form and specificities as a visual starting point. The work motivates the viewer to contemplate all the above elements in a manner that the aesthetic experience of viewing it produces a platform for the critical engagement of the spectator with the socio-political signifiers that are presented.
Theo Prodromidis’s video installation has a specific social context, to collective and private experiences as a consequence of politico-economic and political-cultural locations that are densified in a narrativized, critical and poetic process.

Katerina Nikou, co-curator of AGORA
text for the guidebook of AGORA, 4th Athens Biennale, Greece
September - December 2013

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with the support of
Outset Greece
and the contribution of Hellenic Copper Development Institute, Copper Alliance and Sofia Med

in cooperation with
Athens Municipality Philharmonic Orchestra
Athens Municipality Cultural, Sports And Youth Organization